Episode 140: Influencer (2023)

Joshwrb, a renowned film critic known for his sharp wit and deep understanding of cinema, brings his wealth of knowledge to the table and an experienced filmmaker, offers a unique behind-the-scenes perspective on the craft and storytelling techniques employed in “Influencer.” Rod Johnston plays games online and people watch him do it “It’s in the Game”. And Kintinue, a social media influencer herself, brings her firsthand experience and expertise in the world of online fame and its portrayal in the film. Together, they delve into the intricate plot, character development, and the thematic layers that make “Influencer” a cinematic gem. From the performances to the cinematography, the panel dissects every aspect of the film, providing valuable insights and engaging analysis. Expect a lively conversation filled with in-depth discussions, differing opinions, and fascinating anecdotes as our panel explores the impact and implications of “Influencer” on our culture, social media landscape, and the pursuit of fame. Gain a deeper understanding of the film’s messages, symbolism, and the questions it raises about authenticity, identity, and the consequences of online influence.


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